Helpful Hints

Leaks are frequently the cause of excessive water bills. Please note the following:​

  • Toilet facilities are responsible for 75% of all leaks
  • A small faucet drip will waste 30 gallons daily, or 900 gallons monthly.
  • A leak the size of a pin (1/32 inch) will waste 170 gallons daily, or 5,100 gallons monthly.
  • A 1/16 inch as large as a regular knitting needle will waste 970 gallons daily, or 29,100 gallons monthly. 
  • A leak 1/8 inch in diameter will waste 3,600 gallons daily, or 108,000 gallons monthly.

​You pay, of course, for your actual usage each month, plus any wasted water and the 4.0% state utilities tax on the total. In addition, there are many common practices which results in waste of water in the home. These practices naturally add unnecessarily to the cost of water bills. Among such practices are the following:

  • Running the water continuously while shaving
  • Running water continuously while washing dishes
  • Using the washing machines for light washes
  • Running the water until Cold or hot
  • Running water continuously while washing face and hands instead of using stoppered lavatory for water
  • Allowing faucet to drip or a seemingly small leak to continue
  • Improperly watering lawns and flowers

​Avoiding these seemingly insignificant practices will help to keep your water bill down.

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